“Follow your passion” is a scam

I start by asking some of you what your passions are, and am certain to get answers like jogging, skipping ropes, miming, reading books and writing of which most are simple hobbies, some are passionate about knitting and all you can mention but all am trying to clarify is that some passions won’t get you successful careers and you won’t find the promised happiness by passion bloggers, chasing something you won’t benefit from.

In his book, “So good they can’t ignore you” Cal Newport explains two mindsets, first the passion mindset and second, the craftsman mindset, he states that, the craftsman mindset focuses on what you can offer to the people or on job which then offers clarity and mastery while the passion mindset offers a swamp of ambiguous and unanswerable questions, whereby one looks at what they can get from the job, people develop passion on the way, am one hell of a boy who used to think I was passionate about law, basketball or even music but as the years go by and I try to look at all these, all I can say is its not true, some teachers, dentists, soldiers over the years have picked interest and loved what they were “dragged into” but this is all because of what you give and get out of your work which is far from the passion theory, business men have gotten money from selling their products and later loved what they do because of what they gain and soon after getting something you’ll gain, you will develop the passion, I promise.

Note that even King Solomon, the wisest of mankind, notes in the old book that you got to eat your food and love whatever you must do, so the best advice here is not to stick on the passion scam but to create mastery in your field and maybe through that, you can love what you do and develop passion as you look at how far your thing has taken you.

Lastly, I would love to tell you guys that In case you find a bright future in your passion, this is not a post for you, the post is for whoever is asking themselves what to do with their lives and looking for answers in their passions. ASK A DIFFERENT QUESTION PLEASE

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