Somewhere in a small town lived a nineteen year old girl, thin in stature but with big city dreams, all she ever wanted to be was a model, that was her presumed calling, it was actually her life business, all the other stuff was none of her business.

So what did she do?

She was living with her younger sister and mother until one day she was out of sight from the two, she had disappeared to a big town in pursuit of her dreams and left the past to take care of it’s self, the little girl had never been to school, not even for an afternoon class in her life but she was damn sure of one thing,

She was beautiful and nothing could change that

June, 2018 was not a tough year for the little soul as she had been in town and managed to “fall in love” with several photographers and company of interest bosses in exchange for fame, maybe she was paying the price for it, or maybe she was right that way but later on, luck had come her way and the girl in question had become an icon of beauty in the city, winning several beauty awards and so many were looking up to her,until the transition from fame to its costs affected her, she had become an alcoholic, took drugs and sleeping pills because she had gone so far as selling her soul for the industry and did not for a night get a good sleep, she had developed an allergy for the public and all she ever thought to be the most important things in her life were turning out as rival pursuits. She had made friends with agony, regret and anger, her little sister had gotten a village help scholarship and the mum had found a permanent job to maintain the small family needs.

Happiness to this girl was not found from the things she thought would provide it, for as a rule of nature, things do not change and human beings naturally want more,you buy a good car and soon you get tired of it because it stays the same and you get used to that so its hard therefore, to find happiness in material things as it lasts for a period of time, you can only create that happiness from within when you decide to be content and appreciate the good things in life.

Anyways, am not telling you about her fall but I can only give some simple advice through this story to small town girls as well as those from great regions of the country who come to big institutions, to think about their lives, to stop flexing with the old for green or anybody for pleasure and “lead a life” live like you love oneself no matter your physical appearance, family background, gait and personal beliefs about yourself, you are special and some can sacrifice their lungs for a minute to be like you, love yourself enough to let go of the things that will destroy your life. Thank you for reading, and hope you enjoy my next post.

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