Am tired of people knocking on my door talking ill about my religion “preaching their gospel” how do you expect me to give up something that has raised me this well, I have a problem and that problem is whoever tries to convert me, my religion has taught me to love my neighbor, to forgive, to share, to live and love, to care and more so to avoid all the bad deeds, it is my path to my spirituality and yet you claim it has nothing to do with spirituality, come on, momma didn’t raise me to believe something that has just come up to disrupt me, tell me something else like, Fresh Daddy is in love with spice Diana or Banyankole print their own money, maybe I’ll find such stuff interesting but please don’t speak ill about my religion

It is one thing to have a religion and another thing to be spiritual, yes, I agree, deeds and beliefs are different but my religion, you must understand is not an end, it’s a means to an end, its the road to spirituality and trust me it has done more harm than good, you always point out the flaws not the good side of it, we all have flaws because we are only human, even the great prophets made mistakes for your own information, you claim its nowhere in the Bible but that’s a vague argument, you personally have beliefs in your life that are nowhere in text, so please, don’t come back knocking on my door, am not chasing you, I surely never have ever but am just asking you one favour, please don’t come back to my block if all you want to do is criticise my religion. Thanks for reading


  1. People have comforted themselves enough to turn religions into I just praise and pray to God..and iam certain he listens because he acts


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