Managing your time

You have before heard your school director, principle or even parent tell you about the importance of time management, they were right about that though I encourage something better.
Once in a while I know some of you have tried to manage the myth of time but somehow you have failed to keep track, partly because your days are unpredictable and things change a lot and also partly because it feels like work in the process, when you learn to manage your time, you believe, you will become more responsible, complete more tasks at hand and live a life on your terms, this is all true, its great to go about what you do, but what you were not told is the easy way and this is it, “manage your day programs” that is easier, when you schedule your day and make a plan of what you want to accomplish and how and where, you are on the road to managing your time because then, you won’t keep in mind that at five, you have to meet a friend, this time it will be like, by the end of today, I will have to meet this person and I have to do everything in my power to meet him or her, that is if you are in control of the event, that way, you won’t be disappointed that you had gotten another program at that hour, you won’t work on time, you will create time and this will help you manage your schedule hence managing your time. Thank you

The Lord I praise

You got 24 hours a day, “everyday,” but you won’t spare 7minutes just to praise and pray, you are just so ungrateful and its not OK

You praise and pray from morning till the end of the day,
and complain about poverty, you are not doing it right and its not also OK

The lord won’t grant you greatness because its part of your needs, the lord will look at your deeds, you will not shout all day and do injustice to your mate, it’s just not OK

Nothing will work unless you do
He won’t bless that man who has nothing he can do
The lord won’t bless the words of your mouth, no, “no he won’t”
The lord will bless the works of your hands

Have a good day.

Good guys don’t run away

“He was a good guy,” you say, but how good was he if he promised to stay and did the opposite, you say he must have run out of options but love doesn’t leave that option, its a do or die, like a lion after its prey, and as long as he stayed, you could have done the same, as long as he stayed, till the day the lord decided to take him away, your claim would make more sense, but don’t tell me he was a good guy, he wasn’t, i know one thing about good guys,

Good guys don’t run away.

Stop trying to be God

Jewelry,great shirts,nice hair, nice lovers, they all can break your heart

So stop trying to be God, that’s not who you are.

We live in an interdependent world but you act like you can do all on your own, you keep the claim that you care only about yourself, that you don’t give half a hell about the other person, listen to me closely, the world only benefits from you as much as you give it, and we are billions doing the same thing, so stop trying to be God, that’s not who you are.

Last night somebody tried to say hi to you, you looked at them and kept walking without reply, you do this everyday, sometimes you just pretend you didn’t hear what he said, you act like you have it all, you meet your childhood friends along the way and look down, you do this because you think its cool to just let them be anyway, one day you will need them brother, so stop trying to be God, that’s not who you are.

You believe in isolation, you claim people suck but you are in no way different, you just have to stop being yourself because if this is you, sister you suck being yourself, you own the coolest perfume, you have flowers all over your room, you dress better, you assume, you compare yourself to other girls, sometimes you call them ugly, sometimes you wish they committed suicide because you think they are bad looking way too much, you don’t know about you girl, so stop trying to be God, that’s not who you are.

Falling for Desire

I know very little about fairly tales but there was a time I lived in one. Tonight I’ll tell you a story about a girl that wasted my time, the girl’s name is Desire, She was my neighbor then while living at Mary hill and she is my neighbor now in Katete, the capital of Mbarara.

Growing up, I never had a lot of things that actually interested me but there was one thing I treasured most, “my friends”, yeah, that’s right, my friends, I had so many of them but I still remember I had one in particular, his name is Ricky, I remember him partly because, though he was younger than me, I ran errands for him, Ricky sent me to tell Desire certain things, I think he just wanted to be a friend but God forgive me, I never told the poor girl anything, i also wanted to tell her the same things, she was a real definition of beauty with brains, God’s masterpiece, He must have molded her with some other type of clay or created her on some other day just before creation but sadly enough she knew nothing about these secret crushes, the first time I saw her, we were at church and after the long session, I noticed she was moving in the same direction as mine and it was then that I discovered, the little girl lived in my hood, I started making plans on how to meet her in person and what to say for example, My name is Mathew, Uhhhh, “Do you have a name or you want me to guess?” but all this went down the day I discovered she had a brother, I knew then that it would not get hard for me to know her name but this took me a full month, I made friends with the guy and later came to know almost everything about their family, the father was a Deputy at Mary hill and the Mother went to some secondary school to do I don’t know what but all I know is that she was not a teacher, anyways, speaking about Desire, she was different, in her family, she was the only small kid and if you took a close look at her siblings, it was obvious that she was a gift from God, they looked way too different, back at my crib, I was devising plans on how to frequent her eyes but I discovered there was one way, thanks to the genius minds but I had a plan, this plan would actually let me not only see her but also touch her hands without her noticing she did, you must be asking yourself, ” how possible is that?” but here’s the plan, I knew that if I discovered where she sat during Sunday mass, I would get the chance to always sit behind her and at that point during mass where we seek peace from strangers, I would touch the little girl’s hands, how brilliant!!, weeks flew lightly by and my plan was working so well only that after mass, she moved out of church with her parents and she did this for almost 4 years and all those years, I was crushing on her but the only thing I could ever tell her was, “Hi, how you doing Desire” for four damn years, actually I reached a point where I felt it was too much and I felt pain everywhere, in my heart, in my eyes and though I was a kid, I felt something so real for this girl, i started going to a different church cause i got tired of the same old pain of seeing her when i cant actually talk to her, I loved till I could love no more and the funniest thing was that, the more I loved, the more I feared to say it out loud and the more I pretended like everything was just too fine, this bad habit has moved on and on up to date, I need somebody to come and get paid to curb it.

I had her name written on my shorts in pen ink and my set equipment, rulers and stuff with her name embedded and whoever made an attempt to ask me what it was all about, I told them, she was a young sister.

One day, I was at the basketball court and she came over with her brother, they walked around and sat together on court seats as i was watching from a distance, I followed her to the school rooms where she used to revise from and i learnt to do something i had never done, to revise, it was something so hard to do till I saw her do it, they used to go to those classrooms and read, then rest and then go back and read, it was not a simple task but thank God i did it, i spent the first twenty to thirty minutes before sleeping every night, the day i saw her, thinking about her, i remember i went as far as watching America has got talent TV series and started practicing how to juggle just so i could meet up with her and show off my abilities, or maybe make her smile since then, if it wasn’t her smiling, then there was no reason to call it a smile, I did it but never got the chance to show it off, it helped me later in high school to be a celebrity in school instead, Desire was on my mind everyday, every hour and almost all my childhood friends knew something about her, I remember in Form one, i wrote her name behind the examination paper after getting idle since i was always the first to get things done, it read, “Desire Te Amo” a Latin word meaning I love you, i still have the paper here with me, scored a 76% in it and kept it for memories sake, my Agriculture teacher called me in the staff room later on and asked me why i had written the note and threatened to reduce my marks if I didn’t tell him straight away but i told him instead that it was just a number mate at the neighbouring girl’s school, we settled the matters and i loved the whole process that day just because it reminded me of someone I liked, notice that this was the fifth year though not the last from the time i crushed on the girl but never got to tell her, i always used to say she wasted my time till I discovered I had wasted a great deal by myself, up to now I don’t know whether this story has a lesson I should learn and if its there, then somebody else will tell me cause am afraid to learn from tragedy.

Part two..Falling for wendy

She looked at me and smiled, I thought to myself then, “she must have loved the biscuits” Wendy thanked me for my generosity and to prove more, I had to help her carry her bag to the school van which would take each student to their own homes. I sat right next to her and to be honest, I had never traveled so fast back home like I did that day but anyway, I managed to talk for a satisfactory period of time, we talked about how we had been classmates but never thought about each other conversing, about her character, likes and preferences but the only thing that caught my attention was that, she had told me the next day she would go for prayers at Uganda Martyrs Church and that actually was enough for me to wait the next day and find her out of school.

That evening I came home overjoyed for the very first time in my life, Wendy had been my first crush and I felt I loved her, I felt it in my heart, body, even soul and every piece of me was being re-established in my body like a stressed muscle during a work out, I didn’t handle the remote on entering the room this time, I matched straight to my bedroom which was unusual and pretended to be writing and reading just to make Dad happy but truth be told, I was lost in thought, I was actually using my head to do something, to imagine, I thought about what it would feel like for us to be together, I even thought about marriage, that’s how being young can be interesting sometimes but anyway, that night was the longest night in my life, that night I never slept, that night I lay on my bed, listened to the radio and meditated like a monk in the mountains, when I say this I mean, I thought about funny stuff till my head was empty and now I could hardly think of anything, the point monks call a peace of mind.

Sunday morning I woke up overjoyed and felt energetic despite having spent the whole night awake, i moved to the kitchen where mum was preparing breakfast and said hello, moved out of the house to meet Dad who was just making a call to a friend, I couldn’t catch up with his long call sessions so I decided to go back to my room and choose my favourite clothes, guess where I was heading to, I was leaving for Sunday mass and i was leaving before taking my breakfast, I collected transport cash from the drawer and off I went,

At church, i met so many committed Christians going in to listen to whatever the priest had to say, that was not what i had come all over to do, I had come to satisfy my selfish needs, I had come to fill my eyes with desire and have a taste of passion, I was determined to tell her that day that, regardless of it being just one day, I had actually fallen for her, I looked around but could not picture her in any of the church corners and in compound, I even moved inside the church and I was determined to find her no matter what, I was determined to the point that I felt I should go to the altar and make an announcement but who could be that courageous at that age, I decided to wait on till mass was done and see through people coming out, my Dad had once told me that so many people come to church for so many reasons and mostly, people seek refuge in church when life challenges them and today, I was seeing it, I overheard a woman talking about her husband in such a way that she thought he had been possessed but I understood one thing, the man must have had money during their happy times in a relationship and now, he had lost it all and was too disappointed to the extent that he felt there was no point in coming to church, I saw beggars outside and kids from great families coming out of big cars, I spotted a young girl who came with a balloon to church and I felt like she must have been crazy but then I discovered later that the rich kids are just so weird since by the time mass was done, i had seen all sorts and everyone was surprising me their own way.

“Mass is over, go in the peace of Christ the lord” the preacher shouted out loud at last, this was the only line I heard the whole hour plus a few sounds from songs I didn’t listen to, I was too busy waiting for it to get done and here the lord had answered my prayers, I spotted Wendy in a pink dress at the exit with her mum, this discouraged me though I felt the satisfaction of having seen her in the first place, I was conflicting in my mind whether I should go say hello or let her go, it all meant that one of us was going to be disappointed and so the risk was high, the mother was not smiling at all, I mistook her for a rude mum but later along I discovered people just get hungry from church and just can’t wait to reach home and have something to eat.

This day, i decided to wait on her at school on Monday and had promised myself that I would tell her that I really loved her without thinking about the circumstances. I moved to the nearest supermarket and bought that same biscuits I had given out to Wendy the previous day and matched home crestfallen.