Managing your time

You have before heard your school director, principle or even parent tell you about the importance of time management, they were right about that though I encourage something better.
Once in a while I know some of you have tried to manage the myth of time but somehow you have failed to keep track, partly because your days are unpredictable and things change a lot and also partly because it feels like work in the process, when you learn to manage your time, you believe, you will become more responsible, complete more tasks at hand and live a life on your terms, this is all true, its great to go about what you do, but what you were not told is the easy way and this is it, “manage your day programs” that is easier, when you schedule your day and make a plan of what you want to accomplish and how and where, you are on the road to managing your time because then, you won’t keep in mind that at five, you have to meet a friend, this time it will be like, by the end of today, I will have to meet this person and I have to do everything in my power to meet him or her, that is if you are in control of the event, that way, you won’t be disappointed that you had gotten another program at that hour, you won’t work on time, you will create time and this will help you manage your schedule hence managing your time. Thank you

The Lord I praise

You got 24 hours a day, “everyday,” but you won’t spare 7minutes just to praise and pray, you are just so ungrateful and its not OK

You praise and pray from morning till the end of the day,
and complain about poverty, you are not doing it right and its not also OK

The lord won’t grant you greatness because its part of your needs, the lord will look at your deeds, you will not shout all day and do injustice to your mate, it’s just not OK

Nothing will work unless you do
He won’t bless that man who has nothing he can do
The lord won’t bless the words of your mouth, no, “no he won’t”
The lord will bless the works of your hands

Have a good day.

Good guys don’t run away

“He was a good guy,” you say, but how good was he if he promised to stay and did the opposite, you say he must have run out of options but love doesn’t leave that option, its a do or die, like a lion after its prey, and as long as he stayed, you could have done the same, as long as he stayed, till the day the lord decided to take him away, your claim would make more sense, but don’t tell me he was a good guy, he wasn’t, i know one thing about good guys,

Good guys don’t run away.